Victoria?s Hanging Baskets

posted on Jun 20

The City of Victoria has now completed hanging flower baskets all over town. They look marvellous and make me realize just how beautiful our city is.  If you’d like to learn more about these hanging baskets visit the City of Victoria’s website. This link will take your directly to the…

Our Place

posted on Jun 05

I thought you’d like to see a photo showing the south side of our building. It’s the building on the right….that’s the Marriott Hotel behind it. There’s a large forecourt leading to the street, it gets lots of sunshine during the day. We have two vacation rental apartments…

Big Boat At Inner Harbour

posted on Jun 05

Wow! The Attessa is, reputedly, one of the worlds largest, privately owned yachts. It was moored at Ships Point in Victoria’s Inner Harbour during the first weekend in June. Notice the helicopter on the upper deck….and their his a hot tub down below, although it is hard to see in this photo.…

Victoria?s Waterfront

posted on May 18

Victoria’s Inner Harbour On a Sunny Day One of the really great things about Victoria is the Inner Harbour. I’ve lived in Victoria for over 30 years and I still get a kick out of watching the activity in, and around the harbour. Yesterday my wife and I spent some time watching the little…

Rodin Exhibition

posted on May 18

If you’re a Rodin fan you’ll be happy to know that an exhibition of some of his works is now underway at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.  For more information check out this link Art Gallery of Greater Victoria