Quirky Houses In Victoria BC

posted on Jun 05

We have some interesting houses here in Victoria, BC, which are always worth seeing if you take a walking tour while you're here.  This one is adjacent to the West Bay Marina and is about 20 minute walk along the beautiful West Song Walkway on the west side of the harbour. I'm not sure who…

Victoria 150 Years - Video

posted on May 18

  Monday, May 24th is Victoria Day, a day of celebration and the grand Victoria Day Parade. This year it's our 150th anniversary and I hope you'll enjoy this video, which describes our beautiful and vibrant city extremely well. Video - Victoria 150 Years">…

The Gorge Waterway in Victoria, BC

posted on May 13

Here is a lovely place to visit when you're in Victoria. It is an easy walk along the scenic Gorge Waterway  There are beautiful gardens, a park with picnic areas and a childrens playground and scenic views every step of the way. Well worth checking out when you come to Victoria, BC.

Tea & Coffee Makers For Travelers

posted on May 04

If you're like me you're always looking for that "perfect cup of coffee" or "perfect cup of tea" when you're travelling.  Well, look no further, I have discovered two devices that are absolutely fantastic, in oh so many ways. Both of them are compact, durable and work like a charm. …

What’s Going On In Victoria BC?

posted on Apr 25

The busy summer season is quickly making its presence known to us. This is evident by the ever-growing list of events that are planned for this summer. This year is especially important to our fair city as it is our 150th birthday (happy birthday to us:-) If you're planning a visit you may wish to…