Flight Tracking Made Easy

posted on Jun 10

Many airlines have their own flight-tracking links on their web sites, however you can find other flight-tracking web sites that enable you to track the flight of any plane on any airline. These handy flight-trackers enable you to get the latest information on flights from anywhere in the world and it…

Fly Into Victoria via the World’s Largest Seaplane Company

posted on Jun 09

Harbour Air is the world's largest seaplane company and offer hourly service between downtown Vancouver and downtown Victoria between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily.  The Harbour Air seaplane terminal is just 5 minutes away from our downtown apartments and we will happily meet and transport our guests…

Oak Bay Tea Party 2011

posted on Jun 03

The Oak Bay Tea Party gets underway tomorrow. Come one, come all to enjoy all the fun of the fair, the Grand Parade to kick things off and, of course, the endless cups of tea.  For more information click on this link to the Oak Bay Tea Party Web Site.

Vacation Rental Properties - What You Need To Know About Refund Policies and Trip Cancellation

posted on May 28

Vacation properties are often booked many months in advance and the property will be held for your use during your trip. When the property is being held for you, it obviously cannot be rented to someone else. Therefore, like cruise, tour packages and airline tickets, when booking/reserving a vacation…

Parking in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada

posted on May 17

Although we do provide a free parking spot in the underground parking garages at all of our City Life Suites vacation rental apartments, if you're driving around downtown Victoria, maybe doing some shopping, you may have to find a parking spot.  Well, parking in Victoria just isn't what…