Blossom Time In Canada’s Garden City

posted on Mar 15

Every year,  at about this time, we are blessed by the beauty of the blossoms and buds that adorn our trees.  This year, they came early and we've had the pleasure of an extended early spring, with tree-lined streets and gardens filled with the colours of flowering cherry, plum and other species of trees.

It's hard not to feel just a wee bit smug, as the rest of our nation lays beneath a blanket of snow, while we must cope with blankets of blossoms as the blooms gently drift  from the boughs of their birth,  to the streets and sidewalks below.

If you've not had a chance to visit Victoria in the late winter/early spring before, we highly recommend you do so sometime in the future; and if you've not been here for a while, maybe it's time to come back for another reminder of just how beautiful our city can be at this time of the year.