China Town in Victoria, BC

posted on Jun 12

Victoria's China Town is the second oldest in North America, right behind San Francisco.  It's not a big China Town, but it is a fascinating part of town, filled with markets, restaurants, coffee and tea shops, narrow alley ways and colourful displays. 

The entrance to the main, commercial part of China Town is heralded by the Gate of Harmonious Interest, a gift to the City of Victoria by our sister city in China, Suzhou. It is an intricate and beautiful gateway that proudly welcomes visitors to the historic trading area.  But it is not the only part of China Town, one block east is the original Chinese School, still in operation today teaching children of Chinese descent the history and culture of this proud and diverse nation.

In the few blocks surrounding the main part of China Town there are also a number of buildings, which are home to Chinese Benevolent Associations, trading companies and the like.  It is a worthwhile place to visit when you're in Victoria and we highly recommend spending a morning, afternoon, or evening (especially when the Night Market is in operation) there.

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