City Life Suites-Getting Greener Every Day

posted on Oct 27

The environment has suffered too long, so it’s our goal to do our part to help it heal by being sensitive to how we maour City Life Suites vacation rental properties.

·       Our cleaners use biodegradable products as much as possible.  For example, we use a vinegar and water spray on many surfaces to clean them. If we need something stronger we’ll use a commercial brand cleaner that has been certified “Green”.

·       Our ovens are all self-cleaning, so no harsh cleaners required there.

·       The floors in our Metro, Urban and Panorama suites are all eco-friendly bamboo, a product that regenerates itself very quickly, so it is truly sustainable.

·       All windows are double-glazed and the apartments are extremely well insulated, often times it is not even necessary to turn up the thermostat.

·       We do not have air conditioning in our buildings, which is another big saving for the environment.

·       The recycling area in the Astoria, where our Metro, Urban and Panorama Suites are located, will accommodate recycling of the following:




Rigid plastics

Soft plastics


Aluminum cans


Gabled milk/soy cartons




·       All our suites have bicycle racks installed in their individual parking spaces and, since we are located in the centre of downtown Victoria, there is little or no need for use of a car.

·       Soon, the Capital Regional District will be introducing collection of organic materials and, as soon as that service is ready to go, we will be providing our suites with compost containers so that guests will be able to deposit their organic wastes in the compost containers provided in our recycling area.

We know this is not a significant contribution to saving our planet but, as they say, it is “one small step” and we will continue to make larger strides as our business grows and expands.