Clean, Green Victoria

posted on Feb 11

There's a team in our town that many people know little about.  Well, I'm going to "come clean" on this one and reveal who they are! It's the Downtown Victoria Business Association's "Clean Team!" Who are they?  What do they do? They're the folks who's mission is to keep our downtown area clean and tidy, to put a shine on the sidewalks and a gleam on the gutters (well, that may be overstating it a bit….but read on.)

Every day, dressed in their bright green uniforms, the Clean Team hits the streets of downtown Victoria, picking up litter and getting rid of graffiti, wherever it may be. The members of the Clean Team are well-equipped with specially designed "garbage carts" and special equipment for removing gum, graffiti and other garbage.

They stop at nothing and no matter the weather they're always ready to hit the streets to maintain Victoria's image of a "clean and green community".

Recently, the Clean Team has added a new service called the reCYLISTs whose job it is to pick up compost from local downtown businesses. It's all part of a programme designed to make downtown Victoria a clean and green environment so that we can maintain our position as one of the most sustainable cities in which to live anywhere in Canada.

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