?Custom Roasted? Coffee Blends For Our Guests

posted on Aug 08

Introducing City Life Coffees

Now our guests can savour their mornings with an aromatic cup of our complimentary coffee, custom blended and roasted for City Life Suites by 2%Jazz Coffee in Victoria.

We are pleased to introduce the following blends:

The Metro Blend
The Urban Blend
The Panorama Blend
The Skyline Blend
The Cosmopolitan Blend
The Harbourside Blend
The City Centre Blend

Each coffee blend is proudly stocked in the City Life Suite after which the blend is named, so that our guests can enjoy the best in local coffee, custom roasted for us by Victoria’s 2%Jazz Coffee Company. 

Why did we choose 2%Jazz to be our supplier?

2%Jazz’s green bean buyers are dedicated to the betterment of the farmers and the improvement of their crops. Building strong relationships with the farmers is one way of ensuring the quality of the cup and improving the socioeconomic environment of the growers and processors.
 2%Jazz coffee comes-in seasonally, and in small batches. This allows a greater variety and choice for coffee drinkers like you. There are so many unique flavours to be discovered in the world of coffee that their rotation of beans will allow you to experience the full spectrum.

Science and art make coffee roasting a craft. Like most crafts, there is a romance that surrounds it. Pulling smokey samples and smelling them, the sounds of crackling beans, and the mesmerizing swirling of the coffee in the cooling bin are a few of the delights of roasting.  2%Jazz roasts fresh every day, 10 pounds at a time. Roasting in such small batches allows for optimal control and creativity.

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