Don’t Let The Rain Get You Down

posted on Nov 06

The rainy season has arrived here in Victoria, BC.  Fortunately it is still relatively warm and so walking in the rain is a definite option.  Here's a photo of Victoria's City Hall, which is located just one block from our City Skyline Suite and just two blocks from our Cosmopolitan Suite. It's great to be situated right in the heart of downtown Victoria, you can walk anywhere, even in the rain and the good thing is.....we provide the umbrellas.

I love walking in the rain, I just make sure that I'm dressed for it, waterproof footwear, warm pants, good raincoat, hat and brollie and I'm set to go. It's always a good idea to "layer" clothing when out walking in the city, you can work up a warm glow and may need to shed a fleecy or a sweater if you get too hot.

Don't forget to stop into one of our fantastic downtown coffee shops while you're out and'll find some of the best brews in town.