Great Location In Downtown Victoria BC

posted on Nov 27

We're often asked about our downtown locations.  This photograph clearly shows exactly where our Metro, Urban and City Panorama Suites are located.  See the three tall buildings all in a row, at about "4 o'clock" in the photol? The tallest one, in the middle, is The Astoria and it's where all three of these vacation rentals are situated. 

You really could not find a better, more convenient location when you come to visit Victoria, everything you need is within just a few minutes walk. Victoria's Inner Harbour is home to the terminal of the Victoria Clipper Ferry (if you look carefully you can see it directly above the large, black-roofed building, which is the Empress Hotel) and, just this side of the Clipper terminal is where the MV Coho from Port Angeles docks.  The white, floating structure is the Victoria Undersea Garden and, to the left, just next to the expanse of green grass is the B.C. Legislature. 

Just this side of the Legislative Buildings, is the Royal B. C. Museum, an absolutely fascinating place to visit at any time of the year (they have an IMAX theatre there too).  Just this side of the Empress Hotel, under the green roof, is the Victoria Conference Centre, so if you ever come to Victoria to attend a conference, you can see that you'll be staying just a block away. 

Although, not really visible in the photo, on the harbour side of the Empress Hotel is the causeway, where everything happens. In the summertime it's jam-packed with visitors from every corner of the globe and is where you'll enjoy the buskers, artists and other entertainers who provide so much fun for the passing crowds.

Fortunately, The Astoria, although close to the Inner Harbour, is set well back from the busy area and so is far more quiet, yet still in the heart of Victoria's popular tourist area, close to restaurants, shopping, musuems, banks and so much more.

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