Grocery Shopping in Downtown Victoria, BC

posted on Jun 26

Our guests always want to know "where's the best place to purchase my groceries, that is close to where I'm staying".  Our answer is, usually The Market on Yates, which is no more than just a few blocks from any of our apartments.

The Market on Yates bills itself as "Your Uptown, Downtown Supermarket" and has just about everything you would need when you're shopping for your food in-store deli, bakery, a meat and seafood department, organic and non-organic produce and tons of grocery items too.

Plus, here's a secret....they have a coffee machine where you can buy an Americano, a regular coffee black or with cream for just $1 AND you can get a cappucino or a latte for just $2 and, it's great coffee, believe me I'm pretty fussy about my java, but their coffee ain't bad.

The other great thing is that, just next door you'll find a  London Drugs store, where you can get everything from pharmacy items to cameras & photographic supplies, TV's, computers, household items, clothing, beauty items, books, magazines and a whole lot of other stuff.

Next door to London Drubs is a Cobbs Bakery where you can stock up on carbohydrate filled goodies, or just get a loaf of bread (or two). 

One other great feature of this location is the Walk-In Medical Clinic that's located there, so if you o'd from too many baked goods they can take care of you.

Of course there are lots of other shopping places close to our downtown vacation rental apartments, but we flag this one as "The Best" for a wide range of items that you, as our guest, would want to purchase while you're staying with us.

Image Courtesy of Stock Free