Here Comes The Sun?And Darth Vader

posted on Jan 20


Today was one of those "magical" days in Victoria. Out came the sun and, along with it, out came the people to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us all in this place where we live.
I took a walk along the Dallas Road waterfront that overlooks the sparkling waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. On the other side of the strait the snow-capped Olympic Mountains sparkled in the sun. It was a bit windy today, and the Sail Boarders skimmed across the white-capped waves.
A walk along the Dallas Road waterfront is like a sacred rite of spring for Victorian’s and today they were out in their hundreds, breathing away the cobwebs of a gloomy winter, striding into the sun and warming the winter cold out of their bones.
The Dallas Road waterfront is one of Victorias "not-so-hidden" secrets, certainly not so for residents, but many visitors will never enjoy the scenic walk that awaits them just a few minutes away from the downtown area.
Speaking of downtown, it was jam-packed with locals and visitors too. The buskers were out in full-force, entertaining the passers by with drums, saxophones, fiddles and flutes. And guess who was leading the pack? You got it right….Darth Vader, dressed in black, breathing heavily and playing his fiddle, but you’ll have to wait for that I’m afraid. I’ll post a video tomorrow (at least I’ll try) so that you can enjoy an experience from a galaxy far, far away.
Until then, I hope the sun was shining where you live today!!!