Living in Victoria - 7 Saanich and the Penninsula

posted on Nov 19

I’ve recently blogged about many of the urban municipalities that comprise the Victoria Capital Region, but there are others that are part of the Greater Victoria area, some which are still relatively “close-in” and others that are a short drive away from the centre of Victoria.

Possibly the closest of these is the municipality of Saanich, which is very much a “bedroom” community just north of Victoria, where a predominance of suburban dwellers live.  It is also the home to the University of Victoria, located on the eastern side, close to beautiful Cadboro Bay.  There are also several lovely parks, including Mt. Douglas Park and Mt. Tolmie Park both of which provide spectacular views over the Greater Victoria area.  As well, one of our largest and newest shopping malls, The Uptown Centre is situated on the western edge of the Saanich municipality.

Homes in this area are, for the most part, what I would describe as being North American “suburban”, split level and ranchers built in the 1960’s, ‘70’s and 80’s.  Scattered amongst them you’ll also find a number of more traditional homes, many of which were original farm-homes built in the 1900’s thru’ the early 1940’s. 

House prices in Saanich will range from the mid $300K up to $800K, depending upon actual location. There are a number of more expensive areas, such as 10 Mile Point and the Arbutus ridge area where the distinctive locations dictate their higher selling prices.

Rental units in Saanich are mostly in the Gordon Head area, close to the University of Victoria and will range anywhere from $600 per month for a furnished basement suite, up to about $1,200 per month for the lower level of a house or, in some cases for a complete home (unfurnished of course).

Moving further north, along the Saanich Peninsula, you will find the municipalities of Central Saanich and North Saanich and, ultimately, you will reach the charming little seaside town of Sidney (which I will cover in a separate blog).

The Saanich Peninsula is an area of rolling countryside, dotted with small farms, hayfields, daffodil growers and fruit growers. Interspersed are the small “townships” of Saanichton, Keating and Brentwood Bay. Population density on the Saanich Peninsula is far less than in other areas of Greater Victoria, other than in the townships mentioned earlier.

Rental properties few and far between, as most residents who live on the Peninsula do so to avoid the madding crowds of the city, preferring to live a quieter, rural life.  As such it is hard for me to establish a profile of a “typical rental” property there.

House prices on the Peninsula will range from the lower $300K for a townhome or a small family home, up to several million dollars for some of the large estates and small farm that comprise a large percentage of the area. 

If you’re considering a move to Saanich or the Peninsula, you’ll have a pretty wide choice of options, from suburban to rural and everything in between.

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