Magic Beyond Words=The J K Rowling Story…The Victoria Connection

posted on Apr 02

I watched the movie "Magic Beyond Words" the other night and was amazed to see that J K Rowling wrote most of her Harry Potter stories in my neighbourhood coffee shop, the Fernwood Cafe right here in Victoria, BC.  Well, at least in the movie version she did as "Magic Beyond Words" was filmed mostly, right here in Victoria. 

It is an interesting look, not only into the story of J K Rowlings life, but also, into how a small city, like Victoria, BC, can be transformed into a huge city, like London, England (at least on the silver screen).  I was impressed at how well the movie makers staged, filmed and edited this movie to make the audience believe it was shot almost entirely in the UK. 

Here's a link to the movies trailer....I hope you enjoy it   "Magic Beyond Words"  The JK Rowling Story.