Mount Doug

posted on Feb 08

It has been some time since I climbed to the summit of Mount Doug, so if I?m a little short of breath (pant) please bear with me. Actually, it?s not that bad of a climb and, when you reach the top, it?s all worth while.

I went up there with my Grand daughter (she?s such a little trooper) and we played "King of the Castle" when we reached the peak, surveying our kingdom spread out around us.

From the top of Mount Doug, on a clear day, you can see for miles and miles and miles. Certainly the view over Victoria is one of the best to be found anywhere in our local region but, beyond downtown, the view across to the Olympic Mountains on the far side of Juan de Fuca Straight is magnificent.

Turning to a more south-easterly direction, the snow-packed face of Mount Baker glistens in the sunshine and further north and east, the Cascade Mountains stand like frozen soldiers against the blue sky as they guard the entrance to the interior mountain ranges.

Closer-in, and to the north east, the Saanich Peninnsula unfolds itself before you, green fields amidst the patchwork of trees, lakes and ocean. Further to the north, the hills of the Malahat range invite exploration to "up-island" and, on a day such as this day, they beckon me to drive the Malahat Pass to the beautiful Cowichan Valley beyond.

Further to the North West, the hills of Sooke and the meadows of Metchosin create a welcome mat for the views along the Juan de Fuca Straight as it winds its way to the Pacific Ocean, bordered on its southern shores by the majestic Olympic Peninnsula.

To reach Mount Doug travel 5 miles (8 km) northeast of Victoria at the north end of Shelbourne Street. Another 1.5 km up Churchill Drive brings you to the summit parking lot, and to several very fine viewpoints. Then take the short climb up the trail to the peak, from where you?ll enjoy some of the most spectacular views to be found anywhere in Victoria.