Not What You Expected?

posted on Mar 15

We have recently returned from a lengthy trip to New Zealand and Australia, where we stayed, mostly, in vacation rental apartments. In a few cases, we had no choice except to stay in hotels as we were booking for only one night and many vacation rental properties will not accept short-stays less than 7 nights.  For the most part our accommodations were fantastic, however there were a couple of apartments that we felt left a lot to be desired.  Our biggest issue was cleanliness, which is something we will not compromise on in our own vacation rental apartments. 

So, what should you do in such an instance? We suggest you do as we did, which was to immediately contact the owners and notify them of our disatisfaction.  In one case the owner came forward and had his cleaner completely re-clean the apartment to our satisfaction, problem solved.  In the other case the owner was an "absentee" owner who relied upon a local agency to manage his property.  The local agency had not, in his words, "lived up to their agreement" and he told us that he would contact them to resolve our problem.  Unfortunately, we heard nothing more and so now we will pursue this matter with him in order to come to some kind of terms that will satisfy us. These situations are always disappointing, but it is important for you as a guest to make your voice heard when these things happen. 

We realize now, that the standards of excellence we offer at City Life Suites far and away exceed those provided by many other vacation rental properties, which is probably why we received the Trip Advisor/Flip Key award as Top Vacation Rental in Victoria, 2011. When you stay with us we promise that we will always strive to ensure that you get more than you pay for and that we will provide you with clean, comfortable, fully-equipped accommodations that will meet your every expectation. We invite you to read our Guest Comments to find out for yourself why we have made so many friends from around the world in the time since we first launched City Life Suites in 2006.

Thank you for your support!