Parking in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada

posted on May 17

Although we do provide a free parking spot in the underground parking garages at all of our City Life Suites vacation rental apartments, if you're driving around downtown Victoria, maybe doing some shopping, you may have to find a parking spot.  Well, parking in Victoria just isn't what it used to be, so be prepared for a bit of a challenge the first time you use the new solar powered, computerized ticket dispensers that Victoria motorists must now use when parking their vehicles.

Gone are the "good old days" of coin operated parking meters, where you simply dropped a quarter in the slot and turned the handle to secure your parking time.  Now it's a little more complex. But here's a guide to how it's all done, courtesy of The City of Victoria's Parking Services Just click on the preceeding link to get an understanding of the procedures you'll need to follow next time you park your car on the street in downtown Victoria.

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