Rain, Rain Go Away

posted on Jan 20

It’s the middle of January and it seems that the whole world is awash with water, most of it falling from the skies! Victoria is smack, dab in the middle of a rainforest climate, so we get our fair share of rain and it’s something that one has to learn how to cope with when living here.

One of the best ways to cope with the rainy weather is to, literally, “go with the flow” and step outside to enjoy the freshness that results from a damned good washing provided by all those little raindrops. Sloshing around in puddles is a good thing, providing you’re dressed for the event. Winter in Victoria definitely requires a waterproof wardrobe, so if you’re coming to visit anytime between November and April be sure to carry an umberella, wear a rain jacket and step outside in rubber boots.

Another way to deal with the wintry weather is to hit the coffee shops for a hot cuppa joe, a mocha java or a hearty hot chocolate. You may be surprised to know this little secret about Victoria….we just may be the “Coffee Capital” of British Columbia with close to 40 coffee shops within a 600 metre radius of the downtown core. There’s definitely a thriving coffee culture here with lots of specialty coffee shops as well as the ubiquitous Starbucks outlets that are dotted all over the city.

There’s plenty of other activities that await those who step in and out of the rain. A visit to the Royal British Columbia Museum for example, one of the finest museums in the world, is an awesome place to escape to for an afternoon. The exhibits are phenomenal, especially the display of Northwest Native Indian culture where totem poles and a long house can take you back to wilder (and possibly wetter) days on the coast of Vancouver Island. Next door is the IMAX theatre where you can watch a movie on, what is possibly, the biggest screen in North America, it makes you feel as though you’re part of the movie, scary as that may be when you’re soaring over mountains and valleys.

The Victoria Art Gallery (where right now there’s an exhibit of Baroque Art, including several original Rembrants) provides a great spot to stay dry, as does the Maritime Museum, The Bug Zoo, The Land of the Little People, The Royal London Wax Museum and….well, you get the picture.

So by all means, come to Victoria in the rainy season, avoid the crowds, enjoy the rain and visit some of the better, and lesser known secrets that await you when you come here, you won’t regret it.

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