Spring Has Sprung (well almost)

posted on Feb 13

The weather outside is brightful (to coin a phrase) as the early spring sunshine spreads its pale warmth across the green winter grass on my lawn. The birds are singing and, over at a friends house, the early blooming Rhododendrum is in full flower.

It’s fresh and warm outside and my creaking bones are starting to loosen up as I walk along the Dallas Road waterfront. Across the Strait of Juan de Fuca the Olympic Mountains sparkle and shine, as does the blue water that separates Victoria from Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula.

Tomorrow there may be more rain but, for today, I’m content to believe that summer can’t be too far away (wishful thinking perhaps) and I’m going to take what I can get.

PS I still haven’t figured out how to post that Darth Vader video on this blog….hopefully I’ll get it all worked out before too long…..stay tuned just a little bit longer.

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