Tea & Coffee Makers For Travelers

posted on May 04

If you're like me you're always looking for that "perfect cup of coffee" or "perfect cup of tea" when you're travelling.  Well, look no further, I have discovered two devices that are absolutely fantastic, in oh so many ways.

Both of them are compact, durable and work like a charm.  I've tried many other types of coffee and tea makers designed for travellers and have yet to find anything else that even comes close to being as good as these two devices.

1. The Teaze Infuser   This makes the best cuppa you'll ever taste, in the shortest amount of time, with the greatest of ease and is so easy to clean.  It is virtually indestructable too.

2. The Aeropress  A beautifully efficient and easy to use coffee press. Works on a similar principle as a Bodum, but uses air to force the water through the coffee to give you a single, dynomite cup o' joe each and every time. It's a fantastic device.

Click on the links above to visit the product web sites for more information. I'm willing to bet that, once you've tried these handy, dandy little devices, you'll be forever grateful to me for recommending them.