The Kings Speech-Colin Firth’s Victoria Connection

posted on Feb 28

Oscar winning actor Colin Firth has a very interesting "Victoria connection". In the early 1990's he was married to Victoria actress and author Meg Tilly, who he'd met when she played Madame de Tourvel in Valmont and with whom he had a son, Will, born in 1990.

Having been Oscar nominated in 1985 for Agnes Of God, Tilly had achieved a level of fame with which she was deeply unhappy. So, having hooked up with the equally retiring Colin Firth, she took him off to a cabin in British Columbia where the couple hoped to live happily ever after. However, after two years, Firth began to feel desperate to stay connected to the thespian world he loved, he sent his CV to several Vancouver theatres, even offering to do workshops for kids, but he got no reply. Eventually, after two years in the British Columbia, his relationship with Meg Tilly came to an end.

Meanwhile, Meg Tilly married again, her second husband was John Calley, former president of Sony Pictures they were married in 1995, completely renovated and restored a beautiful waterfront mansion along Victoria's Beach Drive but, eventually divorced in 2002.  She is now married to author Don Calame and continues to live in Victoria with her son Will and the rest of her family. She has not appeared in a film since 1995 (although she did make an appearance in the TV series Caprica in late 2010), having decided to retire from acting in order to raise her children and write.

In the meantime, Colin Firth continued to pursue his film and television acting career and has now achieved the pinnacle of success by winning the 2011 Oscar for Best Actor in the film "The Kings Speech", which also picked up an Oscar for the Best Film of 2011.

It just goes to show that, in Victoria, you never know who might be living just around the corner from you.