The Mountains Of Victoria, BC

posted on Jan 03

Victoria is a city that is, for the most part, surrounded by the ocean.  But, that's not all, we're also surrounded on 3 sides by mountains, I like to call them The Mountains of Victoria!  Looking south, the spectacular Olympic Mountains  on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula are the craggy, snow-covered peaks that are seen most often and are the most familiar to residents and visitors alike.

To the east are the Cascades, also in Washington State, the most famous of this mountain range being Mount Baker (as shown in the accompanying photograph). Mt. Baker is a majestic peak where thousands of Washingtonians (and Canadians too) go skiing in the winter. The whole Cascade range stretches from the Canadian border on the BC Lower Mainland, all the way down to the eastern outskirts of Seattle.

To the north of us are the Malahat Mountains, a relatively small range when compared to the Olympics and the Cascades.  It is over this mountain range that traffic must pass en route to points on Vancouver Island that are north of Victoria.  The Malahat Highway, although busy and well-travelled, can sometimes be a bit treacherous, especially in the winter when fog and snow can make driving conditions hazardous.  Normally, though, it is a safe passage to places like Mill Bay and Duncan, on the far side of the range.

Finally, to the west of us, while they are not mountains, lie the Sooke Hills. These provide a beautiful foreground for the spectacular western sunsets that take place beyond the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the westernmost tip of the Olympic Mountains.

Victoria is certainly blessed with a great deal of natural beauty, which makes it such a wonderful place to visit, and to live.  Oh, and by the way, our City Skyline Suite offers-up some of the most spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains, the Malahat Range and the Sooke Hills, while our City Panorama Suite provides views of the eastern tip of the Olympic Range and great views of the Cascades and Mount Baker (weather permitting of course).

Hope you'll come and take a peek (or should that be "peak" sometime:-)

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