The Little Villages of Victoria

posted on Jun 26

Fernwood Square in Victoria, BC Canada

Many visitors are not aware that the City of Victoria is comprised of several neighbourhoods, which have come to be known as local villages. This is not to be confused with the various municipalities, such as Oak Bay, Esquimalt, Saanich that make up the area known as Greater Victoria.

Each of these Victoria neighbourhoods has it’s own distinct character and it’s own vibrant community associations, which fiercely protect the heritage and future of the community.

While you’re visiting Victoria, it’s worth getting away from the usual downtown tourist sites to visit these special little places, tucked away in various corners of the City.

Fernwood, which is the oldest neighbourhood in Victoria, was once the main source of water for the City. The fresh water was pumped up from a series of underground aquifers. Today the Fernwood village square is filled with activities, local markets and festivals and is surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants and a local pub. Probably the best-known landmark in Fernwood is the internationally renowned Belfry Theatre. For more information click on the following link.

Another neighbourhood, which has recently “risen from the ashes” is the Quadra Street Village, once a forgotten cluster of small retail shops, it is now a thriving retail area with shops, restaurants, a movie theatre and its very own supermarket. Visit the Quadra Street village by clicking on the following link.

The Cook Street Village might be described as the Grand Dame of Victoria neighbourhoods, having always maintained a strong presence in the community. Cook Street, which runs through the village, is lined with beautiful heritage trees and there’s always a feeling that “something’s happening” when you walk past the coffee shops, markets, local wine store and the local pub. Find our more about the Cook Street Village by clicking on the following link.

James Bay might be known as “the seaside village” of Victoria. Nestled adjacent to the nautical gateway into Victoria’s Inner Harbour and tucked away behind the Provincial Legislative Buildings, James Bay feels more like a fishing village, with its well-known Fisherman’s Wharf and proximity to the ocean. More information about James Bay can be found by clicking on the following link

So when you visit Victoria be sure to spend a day roaming around our villages and experience what most visitors miss, a true feeling of “community” and a shared sense of the heritage of The City of Gardens.