Top 10 Reasons For Loving Victoria - #7

posted on Jun 16

7 Gardens.   Victoria was once, more well known, as The Garden City and, although this monikor has faded into the past, we still take great pride in our ability to grow and produce some of the most diverse plant species in all of Canada, ranging from tropical palm trees to hardy winter spruce trees.  The climate in Victoria is reminscent of southern England and, as such, you'll find many of the same flowers, shrubs and trees here as you'll find in, say, Surrey, UK.

There are  many well known gardens in Victoria, such as Butchart Gardens, Hatley Castle Gardens, Abkhazi Gardens, Government House Gardens and the U-Vic Rhododendron Gardens just to name a few. But, in addition, all you have to do is venture away from the downtown core into the residential neighbourhoods to see the many beautifully landscaped gardens that are maintained with pride by local homeowners.

More recently, there has been a growing trend (pardon the pun) to become more self-sufficient in growing our own food, and now you'll find many small community gardens, which are sprouting up everywhere throughout the city, even on boulevards in residential neighbourhoods, where people are growing tomatoes, herbs, raspberries and more.

The Victoria village of Fernwood is especially well known for its community gardens, the Victoria Compost Education Centre, the Springridge Commons and the, soon to be realized,  community orchard in Stephens Park, where local residents can pick freely of the many fruit varieties that will, in a few years, be borne on the branches of the trees.

There are so many gardens in, and around, Victoria that it would take a book to tell all their individual stories. Probably the best way to find out all about them is to come and visit Victoria yourself. There are a number of guided garden tours available to visitors,  or you can simply pick up a map and discover them all for yourself, as an independent garden enthusiast.

Happy gardening, we hope you'll pay us a visit soon.

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