Top 10 Reasons For Loving Victoria - #8

posted on Jun 22

8. Beaches.  Many visitors are not aware that there are lots of little beaches dotting the shoreline all around Victoria and neighbouring municipalities.  Some of these are sandy and are great for sun tanning or swimming.  Others are rocky, but often lots of big, driftwood logs for sitting on while watching the waves and listening to the sounds of the sea.

A few of my favourites are:

Dallas Road Beach - pebbly but great for walking along, sitting on driftwood and enjoying the spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State

Gonzales Bay - small and sandy, a lovely spot to sunbathe and paddle in the bay. Lots of driftwood logs to lean against and lovely views of the Olympic Mountains too

Willows Beach - a fairly long and sandy beach, shallow waters in a sheltered bay. This is where the "young and the restless" go to sunbathe, play frisbee, show off their tans. A nice park for kids here as well

Cadobor Bay Beach - a lovely, sandy beach, warm shallow waters, a kids play area and lots of places to sit and sunbathe

Cadboro Bay Beach - a long beach with a mixture of sandy and pebbly areas. Great for walking along, lots of spots to sit and rest in the sun

Esquimalt Lagoon - a long stretch of beach sandwiched in between the Lagoon and the ocean. Great for walking, sitting, picnics and barbecues. Great views of the city of Victoria, the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca

Thetis Lake Beach - a popular swimming spot for locals, located just a few kilometers outside Victoria. Deep, calm waters, ideal for swimming, diving, canoeing. Family play and picnic areas too

Elk Lake Beach - another popular, sand beach, just north of downtown Victoria. Great swimming, kayaking and fishing opportunities

Beaver Lake Beach - almost next door to Elk Lake Beach. A large park, picnic and play area. Small, sandy beach with warm waters. Great for families

There's also many smaller, hidden beaches all around the city and to list them would take too long in this blog but, rest assured, you'll probably find at least one beach that will suit your lifestyle perfectly (yes, there's even a nude beach just outside Victoria but we'll keep that one a secret for now)