Victoria BC At Night

posted on Jun 24

We're often asked "how safe is Victoria at night?"  Well, to be quite honest, like any city we have our share of homeless people on the streets, we have drug dealers and drug users, we have gangs, we have drunks and we have our share of violence. 

The thing is, you'll find these issues just about anywhere you go these days (and nights) so the smart thing to do is to stay in the main part of town, don't wander out late at night on your own and, if you do, always keep your wits about you.

Victoria has a strong police presence, although they're not always visible as the trend today is for them not to "stand out in the crowd", but they're always there keeping an eye on things.

Relatively speaking, Victoria is a fairly safe city with most violent crimes being spread all over the Greater Victoria Region (Saanich, Western Communities, Oak Bay, Esquimalt for example) and only a small portion ocurring in the downtown area.

So if you're visiting our city just use your common sense and stay safe by practicing safety awareness at all times, especially at night.