Victoria?s Flower Count

posted on Mar 08

Once again, Tourism Victoria has conducted its annual Flower Count. For one week during the month of February citizens of Greater Victoria count all the blossoms they can find. The results are reported to Flower Count Headquarters and, although this years total count of 3,364,658,680 blossoms did not equal the record 2006 total of over 5 million blooms, it was still a pretty impressive count.

Here’s how they determine the number of flowers.

  • Small tree full of blossoms 250,000 blossoms
  • Medium tree full of blossoms 500,000
  • Large tree full of blossoms 750,000
  • Small Heather bush 500
  • Medium Heather bush 1,000
  • Large Heather bush 2,000

In the garden at my home our Camelia bush is in full bloom, the daffodils are all blossoming yellow, my Japanese Flowering Plum tree is in blossom and many other early-blooming flowers are pushing their way up through the soil.

It’s a wonderful time of the year to live in Victoria (or to come and visit us here).

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