Victoria’s “Funkiest” Theatre Location

posted on Jan 30
The Belfry Theatre in Victoria's Fernwood Village.

The church spire in this photo is not a church, it is actually the Belfry Theatre, possibly the best little live performance theatre in Victoria. 

The neighbourhood where it is located is one of Victoria's most "eclectic" (some would call it "funky") neighbourhoods, the Fernwood Village.

In the early days, the Fernwood (Spring Ridge) area supplied all the drinking water for Victoria. Today the Fernwood Village is a meeting place for young and old, artists and artisans, coffee drinkers and ale drinkers, all of whom will find their little bit of heaven in the art galleries, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and other village businesses (there's even a kilt shop) that surround the village core.

Fernwood Village and the Belfry Theatre, both worth a visit the next time you come to visit Victoria, BC.