What To Wear When Visiting Victoria, BC

posted on Jun 16

Deciding what clothes to pack when you're planning a trip can sometimes be a bit daunting.  Personally, I pack only the absolute basics and always figure I can buy items that I might end up needing, once I reach my destination.   However, to help you decide what clothes to bring when you visit us here in Victoria, here's a bit of a guide. 

The first thing to remember is that the weather in Victoria can change in an instant! It can be sunny and warm in the morning and, by noon, it can be raining cats and dogs.  So, we always recommend bringing clothing that you can "layer". Pack a couple of light shirts or blouses, a light sweater or a fleecy, a light rainproof jacket, a couple of pairs of shorts and some long pants.  That way you'll always be prepared for whatever weather mother nature throws at you.

Perhaps the most important thing, though, is to bring some really good walking shoes.  Victoria, BC is a walkers paradise, lots of urban exploring awaits you here, as well as walking trails along the ocean and the inner waterways. Many of our guests bring their cars, but then leave them parked for 90% of the time they're here visiting, simply because they have little need to use them.

One other thing to remember of course, is to bring a hat. The sun can get really hot in the summer and, if the rain suddenly appears, you've got yourself covered. 

Strangely enough, Victoria, BC, is actually the driest city in all of Canada during the summer.....and yet in the weeks and months leading up to the dry, summer season, the weather can be very changeable. 

Finally, Victoria is a very "casual" city. No need to put on your "Sunday best" when you're going out-and-about. Most folks here are very easy going and laid-back, so don't worry about making a fashion statement. Just come and enjoy yourself.

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