Winter In Victoria

posted on Dec 20


Winter in Victoria spares us the severe conditions experienced by other parts of Canada and the United States. I won’t say that we never get snow, or that it never gets cold but, generally speaking, we are very lucky to experience more "green" than "white".

This year appears to be no exception. Although we’ve already had some snow on Vancouver Island, Victoria has seen very little of the white stuff. Personally, I really enjoy walking in the rain, listening to the birds and smelling the freshness of the season.

On the waterfront, mainly in the more exposed areas, there are excellent opportunities for storm watching. There’s nothing like watching the waves crash onto the shore and smelling the salty spray in the sea air (although it’s usually advisable to stand well back from the shore in the lower-lying areas).

So, if you’re planning a trip to Victoria, bring a raincoat, galoshes and an umbrella, but also bring gloves, a scarf a sweater and a hat to ward off the winter winds.

Winter in Victoria is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. The pace of life is slower and the winter rains can often be gentle and refreshing. We hope you’ll visit us, in the winter, sometime soon.