Winter In Victoria

posted on Jan 23

Well, we've had our wintry blast in Victoria and soon it will be spring.  A week ago, downtown was covered in snow and, as this picture demonstrates, it was a veritable "winter wonderland".  But today, January 23rd, felt like spring, and as I walked through the downtown area I could hear the birds chirping in the bushes, the sun was warm upon my back, Polyanthus and snowdrops were blooming in streetside flower beds and there was a slight "earthy" smell in the air.

An icy winter is always a short-lived event in Victoria and is a phenomenum that is experienced only every few years.  This is the time when our "Snowbird" guests descend upon us, escaping the long, long, cold winters of the BC interior, or of places east of the Rocky Mountains.  Here in Victoria they can enjoy the relative warmth of the west coast and experience days, such as today, to help tide them through the winter season, until the sun warms their snowbound home towns once again.

So, a big welcome to all our Snowbirds, and thanks for staying with us at City Life Suites, we hope  you enjoy your visit to Victoria as much as we enjoy having you here.