Darth Vader Plays (For Real This Time)

posted on Feb 15

Finally, I think I?ve figured out how to upload the video of Darth Vader playing his violin on Government Street in Victoria. Click on the link to take a look?.it?s verrry interesting.

Spring Has Sprung (well almost)

posted on Feb 13

The weather outside is brightful (to coin a phrase) as the early spring sunshine spreads its pale warmth across the green winter grass on my lawn. The birds are singing and, over at a friends house, the early blooming Rhododendrum is in full flower. It’s fresh and warm outside and my creaking bones…

Rain, Rain Go Away

posted on Jan 20

It’s the middle of January and it seems that the whole world is awash with water, most of it falling from the skies! Victoria is smack, dab in the middle of a rainforest climate, so we get our fair share of rain and it’s something that one has to learn how to cope with when living here. One…

Here Comes The Sun?And Darth Vader

posted on Jan 20

  Today was one of those "magical" days in Victoria. Out came the sun and, along with it, out came the people to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us all in this place where we live.   I took a walk along the Dallas Road waterfront that overlooks the sparkling waters of the Strait of Juan de…

Hello world!

posted on Jan 19

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada….what a place to be! If you’ve never visited this “island-bound” city, the Capital of British Columbia, you’ve got lots of surprises waiting for you. Over time I’ll be posting some of Victoria’s “Hidden Secrets,”…