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What We Do

If you own a condominium property in downtown Victoria and are thinking of using it to earn income as a Vacation or Corporate Rental property, please feel free to contact us for information about our services.

We ensure that your investment property is maintained up to the *Award-Winning" City Life Suites standards and is marketed on-line for rental revenue.  We provide peace of mind for distant & local owners by looking after your property as we would our own.  Knowing that the property is in good hands makes it a worry free investment.

Who We Are

We are a small, family owned and operated Short-Term, Vacation and Corporate Rental Suites Accommodation Agency, operating exclusively in the downtown, central business district of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We are dedicated hospitality industry professionals who are at your service to represent your short-term/vacation rental property.

Who We Market To

We specialize in short-term furnished suite rentals in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada.  We market to families, business executives, tourists and others, who are looking for a  “hotel alternative.”  We provide a place that feels like home.  Unlike property managers who deal only with rentals of 30 days or more, we can look after guests who require as little as a 5-night stay.  

Our Services

As your agent, we take a hands-on approach to treat your property as if it was our very own.  You will benefit from the following:

  • Online Advertising
    • Advertising on other web sites and listing platforms
    • City Life Suites Facebook page
  • Responding to guest inquiries
  • Confirming reservations
  • Credit Card or Online payment collections
  • Tax collection/remittances
  • Guest check-ins & check-outs
  • In-suite inspections, facilitate cleanings & inventory
  • Laundering Linens
  • Re-stocking supplies
  • Attention to detail
  • Management of repairs as required
  • Monthly rental statements issued by the 1st of the following month
  • Net revenue deposited to owner’s Canadian Bank account by the 1st of the following month.

Questions & Answers

Can I use my suite for personal use?

Yes, you can use your suite for your own personal use at any time.  All we ask is that you respect seasonal trends in order to not impact upon revenues and please phone us ahead of time to ensure your suite is not already rented.  Out of pocket expenses will be charged for supplies and services, such as exit cleaning and an Administration Fee to coordinate cleaners. If you wish to allow friends and family members to occupy your unit at other times of the year we suggest you refer them to us to book and collect payments. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Within the first year of the Agency Contract, cancellation is by "mutual agreement" only.  Thereafter,  as long as all reservations already confirmed for your suite are honoured we require 90 days written notice of your intent to cancel any future bookings.

What information will be provided to me?

By the 1st of each month you will receive a statement that outlines the previous months occupancies and at what rate(s).  Commissions will be clearly indicated and any fees will be explained.  Your net rental revenue will be deposited in your Canadian bank account also at this time.

To what standard must I furnish my suite?

We market a higher level of quality furnishings and amenities to our guests.  When it comes to furniture, quality counts and sets us apart from other suite providers. Your furnishings should be of a standard that conforms to City Life Suites image and branding requirements.

Can you help set my suite up as a vacation rental property?

Yes, we can provide you with the information you'll need to furnish and equip your property and we can refer you to local interior designers and local contractors. We do charge a nominal fee for these services.

Owner references

January 23, 2021
RE: Referral Letter
Please accept this as our highest recommendation for your company City Life Suites, and all it offers.
Our first vacation rental property in Astoria was managed by Rod and Melissa right until we sold in 2020.  Because we lived out of town we counted on them for everything and they never let us down.
Everything including professional management, all rental bookings, cleaning, and accounting was on time and trouble free.  Their communication with us was always a pleasure and their strategies for maximizing our rental income were adopted and  worked.  The few times we were able to visit, the condo looked so good we wondered if people had actually stayed! City Life Suites’ quality of tenant is excellent and it shows 
As a company that provides customer service, City Life Suites excels both Brian and I say Thank you Rod and Melissa for looking after “Astoria Ocean View” suite like it was your own.
Paige Guernsey and Brian Gruber
Former owners of #1405-751 Fairfield Road, Victoria
This letter provides a reference for Rod and Melissa (City Life Suites) as rental property managers.
Rod and Melissa were the managers for our apartment in the Astoria building for over four years, until its sale in 2019. In summary, we were very pleased with the service they provided.
The glowing reviews written by virtually every guest and the number of repeat visitors are a testament to their performance as property managers. They obviously gave our guests all the handholding they needed to feel at home in our apartment. From our point of view as owners, they were very pleasant to deal with and professional in every respect. Our primary residence is in Ontario, so we relied on them to provide all of the functions of a landlord, as well as keeping us well informed about the rental status of our apartment.  We received detailed monthly statements from them along with timely bank transfers.
We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending City Life Suites as property managers. They are a joy to work with and are very competent in every way.
Yours sincerely,
Neil and Judy Baird
Previous owners of:
Suite 1704, 705 Fairfield Road
Victoria, B.C.
January 23 2021
Reference for City Life Suites
Rod and Melissa have asked me to write a letter of reference on their behalf and I am more
than happy to do so.
My husband Wayne and I had a unit in the Astoria which we listed with City Life Suites for
about 4 years, ending in summer 2020 when we decided to occupy our unit ourselves
(previously we had been visiting once a month as we lived in Ontario).
We have only had extremely positive experiences with Rod and Melissa at City Life Suites. Every
aspect of our experience supported and reinforced my reasons to utilize their agency and
service and gave me confidence that I had chosen the best management company.
Our unit was kept spotless, Rod and Melissa ensured the clientele were respectful of our unit
(in four years we never had reason to worry about damage or theft), the bookings were reliable
and constant, payment was punctual (first of the month without fail), our personal interactions
were always professional, friendly and timely, the website was kept current, easy to use and
well maintained, and we were never bothered about minor issues that may arise. To be frank,
we never had any worries at all.
City Life has a well earned reputation for managing vacation rentals in Victoria. Our unit
consistently attracted the highest recommendations (5 star). While we were proud that the
owners liked our unit, the reviews had as much to say about the visitors’ enthusiasm for the
care and attention of Rod and Melissa as they did about their enjoyment of our unit or love for
Victoria. Reviewers consistently said that it was the professionalism, friendliness and courtesy
of Rod and Melissa that had left such a lasting impression with them.
These reviews, along with our own interactions with Rod and Melissa, provided such welcome
reassurance that our unit would be well cared for, as would be our financial interests.
I would not hesitate in using their service and if Wayne and I were ever to have another
vacation rental, we would only consider doing so with City Life, and if Rod and Melissa were
running it. I also don’t hesitate to recommend that if my friends from back east want a vacation
rental in Victoria, that they should consider City Life Suites ahead of any other vacation rental
Yours sincerely
Janet Hiebert

"We have a fair amount of experience in short-term vacation home leasing, as we previously owned and leased a property in Palm Springs for many years. Being very aware of the potential issues that arise, we did a great deal of research on the short-term property management professionals available in Victoria, and choosing City Life was an easy choice. It is very difficult to find a company that offers this list: a) entirely local, and dedicated to the downtown area; b) intentionally smaller in size, and managed directly by the business owners themselves; c) a level of sophistication and taste that coincides with our wishes; d) a broad list of skill sets (from managing the plumbing to mining specific foreign marketing opportunities) that you really absolutely have to have to make this work; e) careful attention and professionalism for both our guests and ourselves. Please, do your research. Peace of mind is a number one requirement, and you will find that City Life is the place to find it."

Carmen Dorr and Dennis Gilmore, Long Beach, CA


For further details on our services please contact us by Email for further information  or by phone at  250-360-0774

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